Family Medicine Residency Program

Specialty Tracks

We offer several different tracks to help residents gain skills and experience in areas of interest:

  • Women’s Health
  • Sports Medicine
  • Integrative Medicine
  • Faculty Development
  • Urban Underserved (“LUCENT” program)
  • Maternity Care
  • Geriatrics/Palliative Care
  • Adolescent Medicine
  • Global Medicine
  • Obesity Medicine
  • Research
  • Urgent Care
  • Practice Management & Quality
  • Ethics & Humanities

Residents seeking an opportunity which is not currently offered can work with his or her faculty advisor to create a new track.

As part of the Sports Medicine track, you are assigned a high school where you cover home and away games and work directly with one attending. You can complete the AMSSM US curriculum and have the option to do away rotations (I went to Univ of MN and UW-Seattle for 2 weeks each). You will do several sports medicine-themed publications. Most importantly, you will get lots of direct interaction with current fellows and faculty. The track has high yield activities that will boost your fellowship applications.

Through the track I gained many skills that I then applied as a sports medicine fellow at University Hospitals / Case Western in Cleveland, OH.

Dr. Keyur Desai, Class of 2020

Sports Medicine Track

Having the opportunity to work with an urban underserved population was exceptionally important because that was a population that I always saw as part of my scope of practice in the future. LUCENT was the perfect vehicle for enabling me to get that experience. Not only did I get additional time with a clinic that was exclusively urban underserved but I was able to implement some of my ideas in areas of interest in medicine, so for example, my particular area of interest was obesity medicine. I was able to explore that with an urban underserved population under the guidance and tutelage of mentors with far more expertise than I did in those particular areas. Every week you were able to come back and talk about your challenges and troubleshoot ideas and problems with fellow colleagues from all different scopes of medicine including internal medicine, med peds, and pediatric medicine. Often we would have special guests come in that may have done great rounds for the hospital as a whole but then they came exclusively just to talk to the group of scholars that was present and get to know you, answer your questions, and give you advice moving forward in the field. There were a lot of great opportunities that I wouldn’t have gotten otherwise and now as an attending I practice in an urban underserved environment and I specialize in obesity medicine.

Dr. Sarada Abraham, Class of 2019

LUCENT / Urban Underserved Track

I chose to do the Maternity Care Track because of my desire to continue providing prenatal and maternity care after graduation. This additional training helped to prepare me in a number of ways. Performing a higher number of deliveries (~80), in some ways, was the least of these. What was more important was all of the time spent making decisions while on the L&D unit before, during and after those deliveries, as well as many more triage patients. I also had more experience managing high risk patients, and attending neonatal resuscitations. I was involved in scholarly projects related to maternal care, which included initiating and leading a modified version of Centering Pregnancy group prenatal visits. My current job involves taking call for L&D and pediatrics an average of once a week, I deliver around 20 babies per year, and many of my patients have high risk conditions including preeclampsia, gestational diabetes, severe obesity, and opioid use disorder.

Dr. Lisa Moore, Class of 2017

Maternity Care Track

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